We're talking bears on this week's episode of Wild Game Domain with Chad Pagano. He's joined by chef/co-host Chris Gesualdi and for the first time, his son, Joe Pagano. Learn more about wild bears - habitats, tendencies and the hunting culture that surrounds them. Find out where the bears are in New York State and why some deer hunters end up hunting bears. What are black bear populations like in New York? Learn some bear hunting techniques, and find out why Chad wouldn't bait a bear even if it were legal. Find out why bears can be extremely elusive in the wild, and learn a bear chili recipe from Chef Chris Gesualdi! Thanks to our sponsor, Hearst Ranch.

"The only animal that New York state has that's bigger than the bear is the moose." [4:00]

"The black bears of New York are pretty docile, peaceful creatures." [5:40]

-- Chad Pagano on Wild Game Domain