In this week's episode of Wild Game Domain, the topic to discuss is trout! Chad Pagano talks about what to expect from this season of trout fishing, the history of the sport of itself, and of course, recipes to make a great trout dish at home. Joining with Chris Gesualdi and Jesse Riley they also touch upon the difference between wet and dry flys, different types of trout (rainbow, brown, book), and the different flavors that trout can produce through various ways of cooking. We learn about hot and cold smoking, grilling, and what sides to pair your trout with to make an amazing plate on your own. Tune in to learn more! This program has been sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"Trout is very versatile, it is underused. I like it grilled, breaded, smoked, all types."

"What's very important is that your protein is dry."
-- Chris Gesualdi on Wild Game Domain