This week on Wild Game Domain, chefs and co-hosts Chad Pagano and Chris Gesualdi talk about the ethics of hunting. Learn why it is important for hunters to police themselves in the woods. Why should a hunter think twice before taking a risky shot, or baiting an animal? Find out why in some states off-season hunting is allowed, and whether or not it is ethical to bend some hunting laws. Later, chefs Chad and Chris talk about personal responsibility, and how today's youth are losing their freedom to parents' fears and paranoia. Learn to hunt, learn to live; tune into this week's Wild Game Domain! Thanks to our sponsor, Hearst Ranch. Thanks to Four Lincolns for today's music.

"It's your personal responsibility to police yourself out there in the woods. We need to cultivate and protect these animals to be sustainable." [14:15]

-- Chad Pagano on Wild Game Domain