Looking to up your vitamin and mineral intake? Try eating the guts of an animal! This week on Wild Game Domain, Chef Chad Pagano talks about eating organ meats. Find out about the nutritional benefits of eating off cuts from game like liver, heart, and more. Hear about the historical significance of eating organ meats in different cultures. How often should one eat organs, and what are some of the health considerations of eating too much organ meat? Later, Chef Chad gives some tips to hide the off flavors of meats like kidneys and livers. Find out how to prepare a classic kidney dish on this week's episode of Wild Game Domain! Thanks to our sponsor, S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. Today's music has been brought to you by Pamela Royal.

"Organ meats have the most concentration of nutrients in the whole animal - vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats are in organ meats." [5:45]

"Compared to muscle meats we're used to eating, organ meats are very dense." [10:00]

-- Chef Chad Pagano on Wild Game Domain