The Gray Wolf is a majestic animal that raises a lot of questions for hunters and conservationists alike. This week on Wild Game Domain, Chef Chad Pagano discusses the reintroduction of Gray Wolves in the western United States. Now that wolves are back in areas like Yellowstone National Park, how are they effecting their surroundings? Hear Chad’s opinions regarding the moral considerations of hunting these wolves. Are cattle herds falling victim to the Gray Wolf? How is animal conservation indebted to hunters and outdoor lovers? Find out on this week’s episode of the Wild Game Domain! This program has been brought to you by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. Today’s music has been provided by Pamela Royal.

“If we could control the populations a little more, it would be beneficial to the Gray Wolf, the ranchers, the people of Montana, and Yellowstone National Park.” [10:45]

Chef Chad Pagano on Wild Game Domain