This week on the Wild Game Domain, Chefs Chad Pagano and Jessie Riley are talking about the Paleo Diet with Michael Kochman. Michael is a culinary student who subscribes to the Paleo lifestyle. Find out why Michael decided to start eating only whole, natural, and unprocessed foods, and how it connects to his philosophies concerning sustainability. How did the Paleo Diet inspire Michael to start hunting? Learn how fats and proteins are used in your body, and why carbohydrates can be eliminated from most people's diets. Hear how Michael chose his first rifle, and how the gang outfits themselves when they go out for a hunt. Thanks to our sponsor, Hearst Ranch. Today's break music has been provided by Pamela Royal.


"If I can't go out and harvest it myself, is it really food?" [6:30]

"You eat this way for your life." [13:15]

-- Michael Kochman on Wild Game Domain