On this week's episode of Wild Game Domain, host Chad Pagano talks about successfully and ethically hunting whitetails, including tracking deer, following the blood trail, and of course, harvesting the animal. Chad talks about proper handling of the animal, searching for infections during the initial inspection, packing the correct equipment, and being a responsible hunter when out in the field. With mid-October and November rapidly approaching, make sure you are ready for a plentiful and responsible hunting season by tuning in to this episode of Wild Game Domain, today! This program has been sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.

"We are our own FDA. We have to inspect the animal ourselves, and check for ticks, the nasal cavity, and all sorts of concerns have to be in mind during that initial inspections." [10:30]

"The sooner you dress the animal, the better the meat will be. It will prevent fermentation, which could start within hours." [26:23]

"It's about if you shoot it, you're going to eat it. For good hunters, that has to be there. You have to share this meat with your friends and loved ones, and of course, do it confidently." [30:15]

-- Chad Pagano on Wild Game Domain