Chad Pagano continues exploring the 2nd Amendment in the wake of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s NY SAFE Act. Tune in as he explains why AR Rifles are not the problem, and creating a registry of gun owners is unconstitutional. Find out about the 7-round restriction on magazines, and how it will affect even our police officers. Learn about rounds, magazines and the applications of different types of firearms in the context of hunting and personal safety. With co-host Chris Gesualdi by his side, Chad vehemently states his opinion that the government has overreacted and rushed these regulations through, and we are no safer because of it. This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

“They never wrote the 2nd Amendment for hunting – why are we wasting our time with this hunting argument!?” 03:00

“The registry is the main problem with this bill… They are taking a class of rifle that is not much different than other classes of rifles, and they are legislatively eliminating our ability to own it.” 16:00

–Chad Pagano on Wild Game Domain