Chef Chad Pagano shares the story of his first White-tailed deer of the bow season! This week on the Wild Game Domain, Chad talks about his recent experiences hunting from a tree stand in Delaware County. Tune in to hear how Chad almost blew the opportunity to get some fresh venison, and why he was doubting his hunting abilities on this particular trip. Chad explains how to gut a deer on site, and give some helpful tips for breaking down an animal efficiently. Tune into this program to hear what animals Chad encountered while gutting his doe, and how they almost threatened his dinner! Later, Chad talks about the nutritional benefits of venison, and why he prefers it to supermarket meat. This program has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch. Thanks to Pamela Royal for today's music.


"If you're not missing, you're not hunting enough." [4:30]

-- Chad Pagano on Wild Game Domain