We're hunting pheasant this week on Wild Game Domain, with host Chad Pagano and co-host Chris Gesualdi. Hear how pointer dogs are used when hunting pheasants and learn about the different species and tendencies of the beautiful birds. Find out why Chris thinks birds are incredible pets and why Chad completely disagrees. Discover the community that's build through hunting clubs and what makes pheasant such an interesting animal to hunt. Later in the show, Chris gives listeners a delicious pheasant recipe. This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"Today the wild pheasant population in New York is unfortunately at an all time low." [04:00]

"The last things pheasants want to do is fly - it's their last mechanism of defense." [08:00]

--Chad Pagano on Wild Game Domain

"Pheasant is naturally a dry bird.. that's why you'll see people do things like wrap it in bacon." [20:00]

--Chris Gesualdi on Wild Game Domain