Tune into a spirited episode of Wild Game Domain as Chad Pagano is joined by the guys behind 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Co! Founded by Christian Avignon and Ryan Thompson, the 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Co. aims to be Vail's first premier distillery catering to those that love the mountain lifestyle in Colorado. The guys talk about their product, the story behind the name and their love of the outdoors. This program was brought to you by S. Wallace Edwards & Co.

"I grew up with original veterans who were part of that generation. They made every single day better. They worked hard and played hard - and that's what we're all about. It usually involved a few cocktails." [26:00]

--Christian Avignon on Wild Game Domain

"It's super important for us to give back with in-kind donations and our own two hands as well." [26:00]

--Ryan Thompson on Wild Game Domain