This week on The Wild Game Domain: From Hunt to Hearth Chad interviews Cara Tannenbaum, an old friend as well as the author of "In a Nutshell," a new cook book all centered around cooking with nuts and seeds. Cara describes the genesis of the idea, and how the book has changed since its beginning in 2008. She describes how the process of cook book writing can be a very interesting but difficult process, she tells us that one of the most difficult parts, but one you must learn, is compromise. This program was sponsored by Heritage Foods USA.


"When we finished it Andrea [Co-Writer] and I agreed that we would never do it again [Cook Book Writing], that changed after about two weeks." [13:15]

"Nuts and seeds have become very traditional ingredients in meals that have evolved over time." [17:30]

-- Cara Tannenbaum on The Wild Game Domain