This week on Wild Game Domain Chad came in to the studio and he was feeling angry. Instead of yelling at us he decided to make a whole show just focused on why he is so angry. The rant ranges from topics of what color coats people wear, the shape of lightbulbs, chatrooms, Home Depot, and talking about alimony payments on the train. The topic of the conversation turns to a recent story regarding deer hunting on staten island. This program was brought to you by Edwards VA Ham.


"Listen to me people of Bushwick, what the **** do you have against bright colors, all you wear is black and grey." [5:00]

"If we can't bust a guy for poaching in the middle of New York City, how will we do it in the Adirondack mountains? " [21:00]

"First poacher ever in New York, and he basically turned Staten Island into his own personal hunting ground."[27:00]

-- Chad Pagano on Wild Game Domain