This week on Wild Game Domain, Chad Pagano is joined by the author of Chef in the Wild, Randy King. Randy is a man of dual passions -- cooking and hunting. As a chef he has cooked professionally for nearly 20 years across the Northwest. As a lifelong hunter Randy has traversed America hunting everything from Caribou in Alaska to hogs in Florida. Kings writing and recipes have been appeared in Outdoor Life, Traditional Bowhunter Magazine and Eating Wild. He is also a long time columnist for Northwest Sportsman Magazine and a Certified Executive Chef with the American Culinary Federation. This program was brought to you by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.

"As long as the larder is getting to the table there's no reason to keep pushing forward." [05:00]

"[Wild game] is not farm raised product! You gotta realize it's gonna be lean. It's not gonna be quite as forgiving." [17:00]

--Randy King on Wild Game Domain