Andrew Tarlow defined the Brooklyn dining scene. Before his first restaurants in Williamsburg — Diner and Marlow & Sons, there was no “farm to table” restaurant scene to speak of in Brooklyn. Years later, and Andrew has seen a revolution take place – a revolution that he arguably started. Hear from him and his chef Sean Rembold on this week’s episode of WORD OF MOUTH with Leiti Hsu. Andrew explains how he started his empire and reflects on his inspirations, business ethics and current projects. Today’s show was sponsored by International Culinary Center.

“I’ve been inspired by being out in the world alone and having to be taken care of by other people – what that means and how others let you into their world. Once you leave the confines of your community you realize how much you need others to help you.” [22:00]

–Restauranteur Andrew Tarlow on WORD OF MOUTH

“The employees and customers are on the same playing field and the benefits are symbiotic.” [18:00]

–Chef Sean Rembold on WORD OF MOUTH