The world of wine is layered, diverse and overall - delicious. Tune in to a viniculture themed episode of Word of Mouth as host Leiti Hsu is joined by Mark Bright, wine director and partner of Saison Restaurant in San Francisco. Mark gives listeners a wealth of information on wine -- from collecting to consuming -- and he shares his own unlikely culinary journey. Hear how he found the restaurant industry and why he sees wine as a more inclusive industry than it's known to be. Also get some inside insights on the Chinese wine industry. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.

"In Hong Kong - collectors are not afraid to drink their wines." [08:00]

"Wine is not just for the prestigious, it's for everyday consumers. It's easy to understand." [10:00]

"Being a sommelier is not for a test or for a title or for money - we all do it out of the passion of wanting to do it." [37:00]

--Mark Bright on WORD OF MOUTH