John Winterman knows good service and has a lot to say about it. He's the managing partner of the brand-new Batard in the former Corton space in TriBeC, the former maître d at Daniela and Café Boulud and he's also worked with the likes of Charlie Trotter in Chicago and Gary Danko in SF. Tune in as he waxes poetic on everything from men's fashion to fruit brandy and shares his insight as a front-of-house expert in fine dining. This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market.

"I think the Modern Man right now is defaulting to the lowest common denominator. You can buy a jacket at J Crew or H&M and it will be cheaper than buying a jersey with Shockey's name on it. I don't think men are taking the effort to present themselves." [11:00]

--John Winterman on WORD OF MOUTH