Welcome to a brand new season of WORD OF MOUTH with Leiti Hsu! She settles in to her new Wednesday time slot with an on-location interview with Josh Harris, 1/2 of the Bon Vivants, a nationally recognized cocktail, hospitality, marketing, and design firm started by Josh and Scott Baird in 2009. The two also are behind Rio Grande and the newly opened Trick Dog in San Francisco. Tune in as Leiti chats with the heavily accoladed and celebrated bartender about his past, present and future projects and his thoughts on everything from hospitality to mixology. This program was brought to you by Of a Kind.



"We want to give great service and make great drinks but we also want to make it fun and give people the opportunity to be themselves and let loose a little bit." [08:00]

"At the end of the day, you roll the dice. If people like it, that's awesome." [41:00]

--Josh Harris on WORD OF MOUTH