This week on WORD OF MOUTH, host Leiti Hsu settles in with Mark Rosati, global head of culinary development for the 56 Shake Shacks in places as far-flung as Moscow, Istanbul and Dubai. Mark is all-smiles as he shares how he found his way to the Union Square Hospitality Group from a brief start in film. We’ll talk being a bone marrow Good Samaritan (it’s not what you think), losing 125 lbs and cooking with Massimo Bottura.

Top of the show starts with Jaime Young, Chef de Cuisine of the two-Michelin starred Atera talking “Nutterbutter” squash at the Greenmarket. We WINEddown with sommelier Claire Paparazzo of Dan Barber’s Blue Hill restaurants, explains what’s so perfect about the wine list at Pacifico’s Fine Foods. This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.

“Im very proud to say that even with #56 – all Shake Shakes are very much hand crafted from our team.” [09:00]

–Mark Rosati on WORD OF MOUTH