Host Leiti Hsu settles in with chef-partner John Fraser of NYTImes three-star Dovetail in the UWS and the brand-new Narcissa in The Standard Hotel EV. When not running up-and-downtown between his two spots, he's doing Muay Thai and marathons. We'll also talk therapy, carrots Wellington--and what it was like to work at The French Laundry with fellow greats like Grant Achatz and Rene Redzepi.

Top of the show we have Kerry Heffernan, sustainable seafood advocate and founding executive chef of Eleven Madison Park, at the Greenmarket with the season's first bay scallops. We WINEddown with sommelier Davis Anderson of NY Sushi Ko on preparing your wine bunker for the wintertime. Connect with us at @leitihsu #WOMshow! This program was brought to you by Fairway Market.

"You're corralled and looking around like what's about to happen, like animals to slaughter." [on the NYC Marathon starting line]

"I went to a free session and it felt pretty good and then I got punched in the face a few times and I was like 'Ooh, this is gonna work for me.'" [on the practice of Muay Thai]

"Before I started on that journey, there's no way I could be sitting in front of a microphone...I think the American style is to work on the outside, going to the gym, but the inside gets forgotten." [on embracing therapy]

--John Fraser on WORD OF MOUTH