Hear from the legendary David Waltuck on a brand new episode of Word of Mouth. The man behind the iconic Chantrelle Restaurant is back with a new project, Elan. Find out what contributed to the closing of Chantrelle in 2009 and what David is doing differently with Elan. Chantrelle was a New York City institution for almost 30 years, and David is a rare breed in a world of quick and fast fame-driven chefs. Get a rare and candid look at one of the most talented chefs still working today. This program was brought to you by The International Culinary Center.

“I’m still cooking, which his what I love to do – but the rules have changed.” [14:00]

“I think if you start thinking about failing or coming up short in some way you sabotage yourself.” [17:00]

“I’m not earning the kind of money I was earning – and iI understood that going in.” [35:00]

–David Waltuck on WORD OF MOUTH