On this week’s WORD OF MOUTH, we have LIVE Elizabeth Falkner, TV food personality, “food instigator”(!!) and former chef-owner of the San Francisco institution Citizen Cake, as she prepares for the upcoming Women Chefs and Restaurateurs Conference. Falkner and host Leiti Hsu discuss the state of lingering gender inequality in the kitchen. Plus, Mom—and playing “kitchen mommy” to young cooks.

At the top of the show, we hit the Greenmarket with chef owner Kerry Heffernan, on the hunt for the first crop of green and leafy springtime vegetables. To #WINEDOWN we chat with Matt Bostick, sommelier at Osteria Mozza about three of his favorite Italian grapes you’ve never heard of.

On TV cooking competitions: “I love the sport of it. I played competitive soccer for a while and love those food competitions because it’s like the combination of culinary and running as fast as you can to make something.” (8:00)

“My mom is a dietician and my dad is an abstract painter, so I ended up as a perfect mish mash of those two.” (35:00)

–Elizabeth Falkner on WORD OF MOUTH