On this week’s WORD OF MOUTH with Leiti Hsu, owner Georgette Farkas and chef Chad Brauze of Rotisserie Georgette join the show. The two share stories of the Daniel Boulud family—the two met working at Daniel, which is also where Chad met his eventual wife. Also, they’ll talk El Bulli, European history, mathematics, and being an old soul. At the top of the show, we head the Greenmarket with Jehangir Mehta of Graffiti, as we talk stopping to smell (and eat) the roses. And to #WINEdown, we bring on LA’s Adam Vourvoulis, the former beverage director at Ludo Lefevre’s Trois Mec, on his wine and music picks for his Wine Raves. This program was brought to you by Escape Maker.

On manifesting her college thesis- 22:29
I majored in European history, and I wrote my undergraduate thesis on the historical development of restaurants in Paris and where to eat after the revolution, so I really stayed on that path.

On summer camp for cooks – 30:00
It was summer camp for cooks. You’d have to drive through these cliffs to get there, and none of the cooks have cars, so the waiters come by and pick up the carloads and that’s how everyone gets to work every day.

On being an old soul – 37:00
I was so proper and old fashioned even as a little girl, so my father made up this fairytale where I was Little Lady Pemdrake of Pemdragon. I guess I’ve grown into that, although the castle is a restaurant now.

Georgette Farkas on Word of Mouth