On WORD OF MOUTH this week, we head to Los Gatos, CA in April 2014 to talk with David Kinch, chef owner of the 2* Michelin Manresa. We'll talk New Orleans—that's where he first started cooking—at the legendary Commander's Palace under chef Paul Prudhomme. It's also the inspiration for his new casual spot The Bywater. Manresa has risen again from the ashes of a devastating restaurant fire—David shares with us how he's grown; we begin with a reflection of the past year... plus, why chefs are like pirates. This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.




[On his parent's eating habits] "My mom tends to be less adventurous, particularly on the cooked temperatures of meat and fish, but she sure loves pinot noir, as do I." [8:30]

[On beginnings] "I don't think I'd be cooking if I hadn't lived in New Orleans." [10:15]

[On his "3 percent rule"] "On any given night there are going to be 3 perfect of the people who aren't going to have a good experience, but that's human nature." [13:20]

[On his time outside of the kitchen] "I like to be outside and I like to be in or around the water. It makes me very happy and calm, surfing in the morning before coming to work." [28:30]