Welcome to WORD OF MOUTH with Leiti Hsu, a brand new show on HeritageRadioNetwork.org. On the debut episode, Leiti Hsu, a fixture in NYC dining culture, is joined by food and wine writer friend David Rosengarten, host of the first-ever show on the Food Network. He updates us on his new adventures in wine importing and gets deep into Americans' changing attitudes toward wine. The former GOURMET magazine restaurant critic also talks to Leiti about the evolution of food media, particularly food television. Also, find out what this Jewish kid ate growing up in the Rockaways...and what it's really like to have Martha Stewart cater your wedding.This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"I really think that Food in America has changed SO MUCH in the past 20 years. A lot of that has to do with food on television!" [19:00]

"Nothing has inspired me as much in my time cooking as travel." [24:00]

--David Rosengarten on Word of Mouth