Welcome to WORD OF MOUTH with Leiti Hsu on HeritageRadioNetwork.org! Today's guests on #PEOPLEWELIKE...we'll welcome all three wine directors of Little Wisco, Gabe Stulman's much-loved group of restaurants, with menus ranging from Italian to non-traditional Japanese izakaya to French bistro. In the studio is Jen Sgobbo (Perla, Chez Sardine, Fedora), Erika DaSilva (Joseph Leonard, Jeffrey's), and Keri Levens (Montmartre). Jen tells us about how she became the group's first-ever wine director with the birth of Perla. Plus, what about the service culture turns diners into regulars? The wine gals share what they really think about boys and girls in food and wine. Finally, hear about the restaurant staff as a second family -- and how to get a gig working harvest in Burgundy. At the top of the hour, Leiti heads to the Greenmarket to shop for a dinner party with Chef/Owner Daniel Holzman of The Meatball Shop. And then, to #WINEedDOWN, Leiti brings to you Morgan W. Harris, sommelier at Corkbuzz Wine Bar, who'll remind us that wine is food and food is wine. Tweet at #WOMshow @leitihsu. This program has been sponsored by GreatBrewers.com

"I'd be an R&B Somm. I'd sing your way through the list!" [39:01]

-- Jen Sgobbo on Word of Mouth

"For someone we don't know - we'll blow them up. Give them the most spectacular evening of their lives. They walk out feeling like they are (A famous chef or celebrity)." [14:30]

-- Keri Levens on Word of Mouth

"There are challenges you are going to face whether you're female or male. You're never going to know everything - as long as you have the spirit and drive to push forward, you'll be fine." [29:50]

-- Erika DaSilva on Word of Mouth