Welcome to WORD OF MOUTH with Leiti Hsu on HeritageRadioNetwork.org! Leiti Hsu, a fixture in NYC dining culture, is joined by Alex Stupak of Empellon Taqueria and Empellon Cocina and Stephen Torres, Founder, ImbibeandInspire.com. They discuss the upcoming chef get-together in Chicago, where they'll talk "American foodways" with top toques like Hugh Acheson, Kyle Connaughton, and David Beran. Alex and Stephen tell us about working together at Alinea, where they first met. Also, they'll discuss the Push Project, and why Alex, the Italian-Russian pastry chef from Massachusetts, made Mexican cuisine his mission. Finally, what's on Alex's mind as he opens a third NYC restaurant. This program was sponsored by BluePrint Cleanse. Break music provided by Jen Jayden & The Greenstone.

"People forget that Italian and French cuisine are ethnic cuisines." [9:00]

"I define creativity as trying to figure out what you don't know how to do." [12:00]

-- Alex Stupak on WORD OF MOUTH with Leiti Hsu