"What could be more intimate than putting something in your mouth, whether it's pink like a veal chop or sweet and wet like a domestic vermouth?"

-Patrick Martins, The Carnivore's Manifesto

This week's WORD OF MOUTH with Leiti Hsu is a special episode featuring Patrick Martins, founder of Heritage Radio Network (so the very reason why we are here together today) and Heritage Foods and author of The Carnivore's Manifesto. He also founded Slow Food USA alongside visionary and mentor Carlo Petrini, the man behind the Slow Food movement. Stay tuned for talk of sexy calves, sex drives of the animals we eat, goat poop, Ted Turner, truck drivers, Alice Waters and hipsters. To #WINEDOWN, we get with Nate Adler, beverage director and partner of Huertas, the Basque spot in the East Village, for a primer on vermouth.

On the pleasure of meat
8:15 Everyone knows we should be eating less meat in this country and that meat should be a little more expensive, so I think the best way to go about eating less meat as a country is to go head first from the high board and dive into the gastronomic pleasures of the heritage breed movement. Heritage breeds: gastronomy at its best.

On his boyhood
20:45 As an elementary school kid I was just a snot-nosed little white kid from the Upper East Side that went to an all-boys school, so I learned how to run fast away from the public school kids that would try to beat the crap out of us. It was a real wakeup call when I went to Vassar and I was like ‘What is this? You have to be polite? You can't yell at the teacher?" I wouldn't recommend it; I mean single sex schools, what's up with that?

On books and weed
22:40 It was really interesting, since I only took that one food performance class, I read like a book every two days for three months and it totally expanded my brain. Even to this day, all the weed has still not managed to get my brain down to its original size because of that 3-4 month period of just reading so much. It's like a muscle. Take a week off and read like 10 books and you'll be smarter for it.

--Patrick Martins on WORD OF MOUTH