On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, University of Virginia roommates Eric Prum & Josh Williams spent their collegiate years infusing bourbon with peaches, their apartment strewn with mason jars in the process. What was part preoccupation, lead to a professional career in catering; Williams attended culinary school in Italy, while Prum furthered his studies in design and manufacturing. From that first joint venture, they created W&P Design, a food & beverage company that has made over 200 original products in the barware space. It all started with the Mason Shaker, the base of which is literally a mason jar with a screw on shaker top. Aimed to demystify the art of crafting great cocktails, they followed this up by “Shake“, their first in series of service book titles now published in-house by Dovetail Press. This dynamic duo also constructed Carry On Cocktail Kits (which are TSA & FAA compliant at 30,000 feet), and continue to improve drink aesthetics, and functionality, whether at a home bar, or on the road.