This week, we bring you a report about how migrant children separated from their families at the US border are being housed and fed. Do they have enough to eat, and are the foods provided safe and culturally appropriate? We speak to Rachel Merker, director of Policy and Research at First Focus, a bipartisan advocacy organization dedicated to making children and families the priority in federal policy and budget decisions.

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Because our theme is youth, we turn the mic over to our two summer interns, both recent high school graduates. Mary Margaret McCartney reports on recent efforts to modernize home economics classes and Victoria Harvey looked into an organization ensuring that free summer meals for kids are just a text message away.

We also hear from a teen chef who's talked his way into working in some of New York City's top kitchens, including Ramen Lab and the recently shuttered Momofuku Ma Peche. He's got 61,000 instagram followers, and big plans for the future.


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