Remembering Anne Saxelby

The HRN community is heartbroken to share the news that Anne Saxelby passed away on Saturday, October 9th. Anne was the founder and co-owner of Saxelby Cheesemongers, New York City’s first shop dedicated to selling only American artisan cheeses. She was one of HRN’s first hosts, and created Cutting the Curd, a podcast celebrating everything about cheese which has been continuously produced on the network for over a decade.

Anne remained a beloved member of the HRN family and a frequent guest even after she stepped away from weekly hosting duties after more than 100 episodes. She had an infectious smile, a quick laugh, and was universally admired for her warmth, generosity, and ability to uplift others.

She will be terribly missed, but her legacy is indelible. As Steven Jenkins told The New York Times, “Anne Saxelby was the U.S. ambassador for American cheese makers….her yearslong, tireless effort to promote them and make them mainstream will forever have its effect, and will long be remembered.” 

Our hearts go out to Anne’s husband and HRN’s founder, Patrick Martins, their children, Max, Josie, and Reggie Martins; Anne’s parents, Pam and Bill Saxelby, and her siblings Megan and Bill Saxelby. 

HRN is creating an audio tribute to Anne. If you’d like to send in a memory or message, please email a voice memo to [email protected], or call (203) 998-5636 to record a message.

We'd also like to share this news from Slow Food USA: Family and friends of Anne Saxelby have established the Anne Saxelby Legacy Fund to provide training opportunities to financially distressed teenagers and young adults. Funds raised will allow youth to apprentice in sustainable systems and agriculture, domestically and abroad, the way Anne did. These opportunities can enable youth participants to return home and have the same impact on their communities that Anne had in hers. Learn more and contribute here.

Anne Saxelby
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