HRN Hall of Fame: Rubens Amedee & Freddie Amedee

Nominated by: Bushwick Podcast

Rubens and Freddie are the sibling duo behind BATI School and Papa Rozier Farms, sister organizations helping to build a brighter future for Haiti’s next generation. BATI School is an ambitious community school system in rural Haiti, built on the farmland of Rubens and Freddie’s grandfather, Papa Rozier. The Papa Rozier Farms team utilizes that same land to grow crops like Moringa and Castor and produce all-natural goods like body oils, soaps, and supplements, which they then sell online and at their flagship storefront here in Bushwick. As Brooklyn-based immigrants giving back to their homeland using an inventive combination of farming, education, and entrepreneurship, no team better embodies HRN’s mission than Rubens and Freddie.

Appearances on HRN:

Bushwick Pod : Building Ayiti
Heritage Radio Network @Heritage_Radio • Nov 12, 2019
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Awesome spread thanks to @wisconsincheese for the @heritage_radio 10th anniversary gala @brooklynbotanic!!…