HRN Hall of Fame: Sandy Lerner

Nominated by: HRN Happy Hour

Sandy Lerner is a global revolutionary, who has made an impact in diverse industries, from technology and cosmetics, to the preservation of heritage breeds of livestock and a new food retail concept, Gentle Harvest. In 1984, Sandy co-founded Cisco, the technical foundation of today’s world-wide area network, the Internet. After leaving Cisco, Sandy founded the cosmetics company Urban Decay. Throughout both careers, Sandy passion for farming remained. In 1996, she bought Ayrshire Farm in Virginia, and today the farm’s mission is to preserve genetically viable, rare, heritage breeds of livestock, by self-sufficiency and profitability through humane and sustainable farming practices. Ayrshire Farm was the first “USDA Certified Organic” and Certified Humane farm in Virginia.

Appearances on HRN:

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