EPISODE 38 | March 30, 2016

LAMOB pt. 2

On this week’s episode of Ask a Clean Person, Jolie welcomes New York Magazine’s Maureen O’Connor back into the studio….

EPISODE 37 | March 23, 2016

Happy Birthday to AaCP with Jessica Coen

On this week’s special episode, Jolie celebrates the fifth anniversary of Ask a Clean Person! Jessica Coen of Vocativ joins…

EPISODE 36 | March 16, 2016

Red, Red Wine

On this week’s episode of Ask a Clean Person, Jolie is joined in the studio by Meredith Haggerty, Reports Editor of Racked…

EPISODE 35 | March 9, 2016

A Bloody Mess

On this week’s episode of Ask a Clean Person, Jolie is joined in the studio by Caroline Kepnes, author of Hidden Bodies,…

EPISODE 34 | March 2, 2016


On this week’s episode of Ask a Clean Person, Jolie is joined in the studio by Maureen O’Connor, New York Magazine’s sex…

EPISODE 33 | February 17, 2016

Sex Toy Cleaning

On this very dirty episode of Ask a Clean Person, host Jolie Kerr chats with Meredith Haggerty, the reports editor at…

EPISODE 32 | February 10, 2016

Makeup Remover

Ever wondered if makeup has an expiration date? What is the key to keeping pencil liners in tip top shape?…

EPISODE 31 | February 3, 2016

Something Winter This Way Comes

Winter shoe woes? Never fear! Ask a Clean Person has you covered as Jolie Kerr is in studio with Dave…

EPISODE 30 | January 27, 2016

On The Chopping Block

Ask a Clean Person is on the chopping block this week as Jolie Kerr is in studio with Daniel Gritzer…

EPISODE 29 | January 20, 2016

Unstink It!

Dirty gym pants? Unstink it on this week’s episode of Ask a Clean Person as Jolie Kerr is joined by friend…

EPISODE 28 | January 13, 2016

Unshrink It!

At some point, most everyone has accidentally shrunk a sweater, jacket, or a pair of jeans. And yet there is…

EPISODE 27 | January 6, 2016

Ring in the New Year

Ask a Clean Person is back for another season answering your filthiest questions, this week focusing on the dreaded ring…

EPISODE 26 | December 16, 2015

New Year, New Messes

Happy New Year! Well, maybe not yet, but on the season wrap-up of Ask a Clean Person Jolie preps for…

EPISODE 25 | December 9, 2015

The Worst Stain in the World

Are you ready for it? This week Ask a Clean Person is taking on the worst stain in the world!…

EPISODE 24 | December 2, 2015

Give the Gift of Clean

https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/heritageradionetwork Having endured Thanksgiving, Ask a Clean Person host Jolie Kerr tackles the infamous holiday messes along with guests Meredith…

EPISODE 23 | November 18, 2015

Car Sick

Ever puked in your friend’s brand new Honda CR-V? Today, Ask a Clean Person is talking all kinds of car…

EPISODE 22 | November 11, 2015

Cast Away

Ok cast iron crazies – this episode might make you mad. Jolie Kerr is joined by Daniel Gritzer to debunk…

EPISODE 21 | November 4, 2015

Suck it Up

Oh, suck it up! This week on Ask a Clean Person, Jolie Kerr is ranting and raving on Dyson vacuums…

EPISODE 20 | October 28, 2015

A Wicked Mess

Trick or Treat! Jolie Kerr is talking Halloween messes with guest Haley Mlotek on this week’s episode of Ask a…

EPISODE 19 | October 21, 2015

Staining Cats & Dogs

Got cat puke on your carpet? Dog pee on your couch? No worries, Jolie Kerr has you covered. Tune in…

EPISODE 18 | October 14, 2015

Smoke Out

So you smell like smoke. Don’t worry, Jolie Kerr is here to help! This weeks episode of Ask a Clean…

EPISODE 17 | October 7, 2015

Hockey Talk

This week on Ask a Clean Person, host Jolie Kerr is suiting up and heading to the ice with guest…

EPISODE 16 | September 30, 2015

Stop Swiffering!

Jolie Kerr hates Swiffers. Adam Clark Estes of Gizmodo hates Swiffers. By the time you’re done listening to today’s episode of…

EPISODE 15 | September 23, 2015

Lube & Laundry

Got a lube stain on your sheets? Wondering which laundry detergent is the most effective? This week’s episode of Ask…

EPISODE 14 | September 16, 2015

Cum on my Podcast

Jolie Kerr kicks off the fall season of Ask a Clean Person with a doozy of a topic – sex…

EPISODE 13 | August 5, 2015

Someone’s In The Kitchn With Jolie

Dirty dishes, sticky stovetops, messy microwaves… This week on Ask a Clean Person, host Jolie Kerr is taking on kitchen…

EPISODE 12 | July 29, 2015

Speed Cleaning

When is the last time you cleaned your car? Perhaps it’s been a while? Tune in to this week’s Ask…

EPISODE 11 | July 22, 2015

Clean It With Fire

Restaurant cleanliness: what do you want to know? What don’t you want to know? This week on Ask a Clean…

EPISODE 10 | July 15, 2015

A Moldy, Mildewy Mess

This week on Ask a Clean Person, host Jolie Kerr is tackling mold and mildew! With guest Julia Rubin, Features…

EPISODE 9 | July 8, 2015

It’s the Pits

Summer: the word ushers in thoughts of sunshine, the beach, and… pit stains! This week on Ask A Clean Person,…

EPISODE 8 | July 1, 2015

Party Foul

Did you know that jello won’t set if you add pineapple to it? The fourth of July is right around…

EPISODE 7 | June 24, 2015

Order Out of Chaos

Spring cleaning is a great time to get rid of the useless clutter in your apartment. This week’s episode of…

EPISODE 6 | June 17, 2015

Stinking Feet & Sinking Heels

If you are looking for a podcast about solving your stinky feet problem, you’ve come to the right place. On…

EPISODE 5 | June 10, 2015

Crafty Conundrums

Moth infestation in your closet? Somebody glitterbomb you? Well, you’re in luck. This week on Ask a Clean Person, Jolie…

EPISODE 4 | June 3, 2015

Baby, You’re a Mess!

Did your baby make a mess? Need to clean poop stains!? Do you think Lego’s are Satan’s toy? This episode…

EPISODE 3 | May 27, 2015

Have Broom, Will Travel

Stuck hand washing laundry in Africa for two weeks? Prone to yeast infections? Shampoo bottle breaks in your suitcase? Worse…

EPISODE 2 | May 20, 2015

Much To Do About Noting

What does your calendar look like? Is it an app? Google Calendar? A moleskine? Tune in to Ask a Clean…

EPISODE 1 | May 13, 2015

A Hairy Situation

Welcome to Ask A Clean Person, The Podcast! Host Jolie Kerr is a cleaning expert and advice columnist whose weekly…

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