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Dan and Julie  Resnick

Dan and Julie Resnick

Julie and Dan Resnick are the co-founders of The Feedfeed, a food & lifestyle media company. The Feedfeed started on Instagram nearly six years ago, where she began posting pictures of her own food which Dan photographed, and then asked others to also share what they were making by tagging their images with #feedfeed. Since then the company has become the world’s largest crowd sourced food publication/community, and the source for what to cook, bake, eat and drink in today’s world across social media and the web. Feedfeed comes to life IRL for its community through experiences it hosts all over the world, and in particular out of its Brooklyn and Los Angeles test kitchens. Feedfeed has a monthly reach of 15M+ food and drink lovers, eagerly consuming it's entertaining, fun & educational content. Julie and Dan split their time between New York and Los Angeles with their three children Chloe, Mae and Vance.

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