EPISODE 111 | Jan 13, 2021

"Smoke 'em if you got 'em!" - The end of year/ end of world recap!

Well folks, 2020 if finally over, and we have your mid January year end wrap up!

EPISODE 110 | Dec 16, 2020

"YIPPIE KI YAY!!- A very holiday episode!"

Happy holidays ya mixed nuts you!

EPISODE 109 | Dec 09, 2020

"Hey, hope you like honeydew on a long stick!" The EDIBLE GIFTS episode!

Are you tired of biting into that brand new cast iron skillet or sick pair of Jordans, only to di

EPISODE 108 | Dec 02, 2020

"Stuffed yesterday"- The LEFTOVERS episode!

They’re a limp yet loveable, perfunctory, predictable, practical and sometimes putrid; that’s rig

EPISODE 107 | Nov 19, 2020

"I'll have what she's having!" The ROMCOM episode!!

It’s getting cold out there friends, but fear not, we have an episode today to melt that icy hear

EPISODE 106 | Nov 12, 2020

"Let's give 'em PUMPKIN to talk about!"- The PUMPKIN episode!

Time to spread your seeds kiddos with this weeks squishy, moldy episode, dedicated to PUMPKINS!

EPISODE 105 | Oct 29, 2020

"Night of the living BREAD" -A HORROR MOVIE & food HALLOWEEN episode SPETACULAR!!!

Look, this show is haunted, you already know that.

EPISODE 104 | Oct 22, 2020


Welcome freaks and ghouls to a terrifying episode of your favorite haunted food podcast!

EPISODE 103 | Oct 16, 2020

"Did you hear that?!"- The HAUNTED episode

Welcome friends to a more haunted than usual episode of your favorite evil and undead food podcas

EPISODE 102 | Oct 08, 2020

"Close encounters of absurd times!" -The SPACE episode!

Space is the place kiddos, and today we are taking you there with an out of this world episode al