EPISODE 17 | December 18, 2013

Sean McMahon

In this final episode of Metropolitan Ave, host DJ Lady DM brings in Sean McMahon, also known as Workman Song….

EPISODE 16 | December 11, 2013

Danny Barria

Tonight on Metropolitan Ave, musician Danny Barria comes into the studio to discuss the process of recording a new album…

EPISODE 15 | December 4, 2013

Michelle McDevitt / Audible Treats

Tonights episode of Metropolitan Ave focuses solely on an industry Q/A around the topic of digital marketing and PR for…

EPISODE 14 | November 27, 2013

Brandon A. Lopez

Meet Brandon Lopez, an experimental avant-garde bassist. Brandon plays a few original and improvised pieces on this week’s episode of…

EPISODE 13 | November 20, 2013

Music Videos with Bri Olson

Ever wonder how music videos are made? How has production changed in the digital age? Learn about the creative process…

EPISODE 12 | November 13, 2013

Mount Moon

This week on Metropolitan Ave., DJ Lady DM invites Mount Moon into the studio to play some of his new…

EPISODE 11 | November 6, 2013

Whitesmith Entertainment & Readymade Records

This week on Metropolitan Ave., DJ Lady DM reconnects with Emily White of Whitesmith Entertainment and Readymade Records. Tune into…

EPISODE 10 | October 22, 2013

People Vs. Larsen

Meet Tom Larsen, of People Vs. Larsen. Tom plays the blues, and brings his take on the classic genre to…

EPISODE 9 | October 15, 2013

Merrily & The Poison Orchard

This week on Metropolitan Ave., tonight’s in-studio musical guest is Merrily & The Poison Orchard, performing live in-studio! Metropolitan Ave….

EPISODE 8 | October 9, 2013

Emily White & Streets of Laredo

The CMJ Music Marathon is coming up; tune into this week’s Metropolitan Ave. as DJ Lady DM gives the scoop…

EPISODE 7 | October 2, 2013

Joseph Miller & Suzanna Choffel

This week on Metropolitan Ave., DJ Lady DM delves into the world of sync licensing with Joseph Miller. Joseph works…

EPISODE 6 | September 25, 2013

Arielle Frank, Charly & Margaux

This week on Metropolitan Ave., DJ Lady DM sits down with Arielle Frank, Marketing Coordinator at Mute Records and member…

EPISODE 5 | August 28, 2013

Keith D’Arcy & Workman Song

DJ Lady DM is back for another episode of Metropolitan Ave. featuring Workman Song and Keith D’Arcy of Songs Music…

EPISODE 4 | July 24, 2013

Jennifer Newman Sharpe & Brown Rice Family

On this week’s installment of Metropolitan Ave., DJ Lady DM kicks off the show with entertainment lawyer Jennifer Newman Sharpe….

EPISODE 3 | July 10, 2013

Felice Rosser of Faith

Felice Rosser fronts the band Faith, and has been involved with the New York City music scene since the late…

EPISODE 2 | June 25, 2013

Joya Bravo

Joya Bravo is a violinist, singer, songwriter and true “Afropunk”. She is this week’s guest on Metropolitan Ave, where she…

EPISODE 1 | June 11, 2013

Bird Courage

Metropolitan Ave debuts! On the inaugural episode, host Lady DM welcomes local indie band Bird Courage to the studio for…