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Jenny  Goodman

Jenny Goodman

Jenny Goodman is the cofounder of Tilit NYC and COO. The pair met while Jenny was working her way through Tulane University's undergraduate program at Commander's Palace. Since then Jenny led a career in the Pharmaceutical industry prior to going back to her love of the hospitality industry with Tilit . Jenny earned her MBA from NYU Stern in order to further her skills as operating partner in Tilit NYC.

Alex  McCrery

Alex McCrery

Alex McCrery is the cofounder and creative director of Tilit NYC. Alex began work on Tilit after an 18+ year career as a chef working in restaurants including Commander's Palace (New Orleans, LA), Aureole (New York, NY) and Antonucci (New York, NY). Along with 2 partners McCrery opened Goods restaurant in the summer of 2010. Prior to launching Tilit Chef Goods, Alex spent 4 years as the private chef to Jerry Seinfeld's family.

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