EPISODE 392 | Mar 18, 2020

A Growing Pandemic: Impacts on the Mid-Atlantic Food System

In this episode, recorded at an empty Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore, host Lisa Held talks to che

EPISODE 391 | Mar 11, 2020

A Neighborhood Farm’s Next Chapter

Emma Jagoz started Moon Valley Farm in the suburbs outside of Baltimore, MD because she wanted a

EPISODE 389 | Feb 19, 2020

Safer Spinach? Produce Growers Navigate New Rules

With the rollout of rules related to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), many produce growe

EPISODE 388 | Feb 12, 2020

PFAS: From the Farmer that Sounded the Alarm to Today’s Data

“These chemicals are not emerging, it’s our awareness that’s emerging,” Robert Bilott says.

EPISODE 386 | Jan 29, 2020

The Farm Workforce Modernization Act

Farmworker justice groups are split in terms of supporting or opposing this new piece of legislat

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