EPISODE 11 | June 21, 2009

The Q Report (w/ Maura Rockcastle)

This week’s Q-Report tracks down Maura Rockcastle, the mastermind behind the re-development of the Highline in NYC.

EPISODE 10 | June 14, 2009

The Q Report (w/ Curtis Wayne, Chris Diamond & Meredith Bergmann)

Patrick, Mark, and Ed talk about keeping industry sustainable and green with guests Curtis Wayne, Chris Diamond, and Meredith Bergmann.

EPISODE 9 | June 7, 2009

The Q Report (w/ Wolfgang Lehner, Chloe Bass, Laura Braslow, Layton Hower & Rinaldo Frattolillo)

This week’s theme is ALL ART with guest Host Wolfgang Lehner, Chloë Bass, Laura Braslow and Layton Hower of The…

EPISODE 8 | May 31, 2009

The Q Report (w/ Gabe Rosner, Brandon Hoy & Jake Beesley)

This week’s theme is NOT IN MY BACKYARD with guests Gabe Rosner and Bradon Hoy of Roberta’s and Producer/Director Jake…

EPISODE 7 | May 17, 2009

The Q Report (w/ Michael Lapthorn, Petr Cikhard, Molly Ward, Corey Sullivan & Rightor Doyle)

This week’s theme is SPECTACLE with guests Michael Lapthorn, Exhibit Designer at the Metropolitan Museum, First Czech Emmy Award Winner,…

EPISODE 6 | May 10, 2009

The Q Report (w/ Melanie Glocker, Renee Gerson & Gabe Rosner)

This weeks theme is YOUR MOTHER: with special guests Melanie Glocker, Renee Gerson and Gabe Rosner

EPISODE 5 | May 3, 2009

The Q Report (w/ David Seelig, Paul Vogeler, Anastasia Plakias, Brandon Hoy & Molly Ward)

This week’s Q-Report theme is FEAR: The media’s role, the brain’s response with David Seelig, painting emotions with Paul Vogeler,…

EPISODE 4 | April 26, 2009

The Q Report (w/ Daniel Langleben & Toby Tumarkin)

This week’s Q-Report is back to BASICS: The realities of how we are living with Elissa of GREEN in Brooklyn,…

EPISODE 3 | April 19, 2009

The Q Report (w/ Nach Waxman, Dr. David Deamer & Miss Manners)

This week’s Q Report theme is ORIGINS: Will and Robby challenge man versus machine,Nach Waxman talks about store closings, Mark…

EPISODE 2 | April 12, 2009

The Q Report (w/ Ed Grant & Jeremy Hirsch)

This week’s Q Report theme is DANGER: deadly blowfish, free range pigs dubbed dangerous, urban farming scare in Buffalo. Special…

EPISODE 1 | April 5, 2009

The Q Report (w/ Brian Kenny)

This week’s Q Report is about beginnings: the roots of the mind, new connectivity in rural America, and reclaiming pre-industrial…