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Erin  Fairbanks

Erin Fairbanks

Hi. I’m Erin Fairbanks, creator of BKBF Productions. I am a jump-in-the-deep-end-and-figure-it-out kind of woman driven to explore, connect, and create. BKBF Productions was founded on the idea that to affect positive and progressive change we must be kind but also fierce. My primary areas of interest are: women’s empowerment, sustainable food systems, racial justice and palliative care.

I am currently a partner with GROUT. We are project development consultants who deliver resources needed to convert an idea, thought or plan into an actual project with the potential to deliver impact and create new value for society. In addition to my work with Grout Projects I run a monthly event, Ladies’ Night. Ladies’ Night is a monthly networking group designed to facilitate personal and professional development. I am a volunteer with MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care and sit on the advisory council for Glynwood, an agricultural non-profit serving New York State’s Hudson Valley. In the fall of 2017, I was inducted into the Pleiades Network, an organization of women leaders who are driving change on issues of sustainability.

Jack  Inslee

Jack Inslee

Jack Inslee knew he wanted to be a producer for as long as he can remember, and has worked in sound and recording his entire life. At 13 years old, he built a home recording studio in Long Island, producing, recording, writing and releasing thousands of songs for himself and dozens of other local artists. In 2008, he graduated New York University's Music Technology program, combining his self-taught production and editing skills with specialized training in recording technology and media. In 2009, Jack joined Heritage Radio Network, helping co-design the studio and developing the initial lineup of programming. Currently, he is HRN's Producer-at-Large. In addition to his work in radio, Jack produces records, writes original music and runs Full Service Party, a DJ/production collective that has performed at events and festivals nationwide and curates its own stage at the Bonnaroo Arts & Music Festival.  

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