A Spooky Halloween Feast for Your Ears

By Angie Fike

Put on your vampire fangs and stock up on Milky Ways: Halloween is here and we are ready to be spooked! Check out these five HRN episodes that cover everything from agri-horror and vegan zombies, to one foodie’s story about the dangers of taking candy from strangers. These spooky episodes are sure to have you grabbing for trick-or-treat sweets as you listen along.

Life’s a Banquet Episode 105: "Night of the living BREAD" -A HORROR MOVIE & food HALLOWEEN episode SPETACULAR!!!: Look, this show is haunted, you already know that. If you thought that this weeks episode was going to be less haunted, boy were you wrong! On this weeks extremely evil and possessed episode we are talking horror movies! Nicole puts us on to some of the best scary movies about food. We’re looking at you “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.” And Z has the history of zombie flicks, why they eat brains, where you can eat brains, and why Rob Zombie is a vegan. So put on a nightgown and go see what that noise in the barn was all alone, it’s Life's a Banquet the podcast!

Let's Talk About Food Episode 7: Never Take Candy From a Stranger: Her mother told her “Never Take Candy from a Stranger.” Especially in Moscow. Darra Goldstein was a young Russian graduate student, working on a US trade show in the USSR in the 70’s when a seemingly sympathetic Muscovite offered her a bag of candy as a thank-you. It’s a great story. Darra is now an Emeritus professor of Russian at Williams college and the founding editor of Gastronomica, the Journal of Food Studies. 

The Main Course O.G. Episode 348: The Dead Rabbit: It's HALLOWEEN!: Our Moderator Emily Pearson leads our Weekly Baste Segment with a fast paced game of word association and a lively discussion of all things Halloween, candy, the perfect Irish coffee, Guiness, The New York Irish Whiskey Fest and more! Our guests for The Weekly Grill are Jack McGarry and Sean Muldoon of The Dead Rabbit, NYC's most famous Irish Pub and one of the World's Best Bars. 

Meat and Three Episode 53: Freaky Foods and Frightful Farms: Happy Halloween to all you Gastro Ghouls and Goblins out there! This week, we’re telling you spooky stories from history, film, and beyond. First up, we hear from Jess Krainchich about the bygone practice of “sin eating” at Victorian era funerals. Then, Nicole Cornwell delves into the genre of agri-horror, to explain why you see so many farmhouses in horror movies.  We learn about the banana industry’s frightening backstory, as H Conley talks with nature and science writer, Dan Koeppel, about the spotted past of America’s favorite fruit. Finally, we hear from apple-grower and cider-maker, Eric Schatt, as well as operations coordinator at Turtle Tree Seed, Jordan Walker, about the mysterious practice of biodynamics. Let’s go bury some cow skulls down by the river! 

A Taste of The Past Episode 152: Halloween History: Host Linda Pelaccio welcomes historic gastronomist and blogger, Sarah Lohman, and together they talk about the history of Halloween, trick-or-treating, superstitions, costumes, Halloween cakes, and more! Learn more about the origins behind the Halloween tradition as Sarah takes us through the history from the very beginning. Also tune-in to learn about trick-or-treating, and how the custom has changed in recent years. Lastly, find out how those small treats known as candy corn (which Sarah makes at home) have become a tradition, and even how to make a batch for yourself! 

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