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We've spent the last five week on Love Bites exploring the family bond...and we've come out of it moved beyond belief. At the top of the series, we asked ourselves, "How do the relationships with our parents, brothers, sisters, and those we call family shape us into adulthood?" The conversations we had with our guests and the dialogue they inspired -- both on and off the air -- is sticking close to our hearts, especially as we spend time with our families during the holidays.

So we want to make sure you found them all together, so you could relive this journey with us.

Our final episode with Regina Calaterra -- former foster child, author, lawyer, and advocate -- was gracious in introducing us to a very complex, personal story. And we want to make sure it's front and center for you to hear. So her interview is separated out from the episode, too. Because that's a must-listen, and we want to make sure you do.

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We hope these stories will help you reach out to your families this holiday season. Because if we've learned anything from the honest and intimate stories of these guests in these five episodes, it's that... well... have a listen and hear for yourself.

Happiest of Holidays. Give love!

- Jacqueline


Episode 51 - The Shepherd's Life, with Author James Rebanks

James' memoir on shepherding life in the northwest of England became a love letter to his dying father. Here's what he learned about love for his land, his legacy, and the process that reconciled them just in time.

Episode 52 - Home Is Where the ? Is, with Author Jane Alison

When she was four, her parents befriended another couple with two similarly-aged daughters. Within months, the couples traded partners. Jane's memoir follows a life lived out antipodes: polarizing countries and parents and step-siblings and identities. On the show, she discusses this double life, and growing how writing her memoir aided and harmed these already fragile relationships.

Episode 53 - Love, Loss, and What We're (Not) Eating, with Artist Lindsay Benner

Lindsay Benner is the creator of the stage show THE BOOK OF LOVE -- a show she's performed for seven years, all over the globe. How does the impending death of her father and then mourning his loss, only two weeks before our recording, affect her work? What is her mourning period like? With raw vulnerability, she shares her process, and how she's putting one foot in front of the other.

Episode 54 - There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters! with Jessica and Maggie Raposo

When you're a sibling pack of four, how do the roles your cast in as children affect your relationships as adults? What feels genuinely earned, and what put upon you? What do you think to be true, versus what do your siblings see in you? Jacqueline's sisters join, and Ben tries to dig into some dirt.

Episode 55 - Fostering Healthy Families, with Regina Calcaterra

First we discuss Ben's plans (and fears) for his impending three-month gig in Oregon. Then Regina Calcaterra joins to help us open up a window into the experience for children in the foster care system.

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