Decolonizing our Thanksgiving Tables and Food Narratives

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we’ve been thinking about the many ways this holiday bolsters colonial narratives, as well as opportunities to push back on them. This episode s...


Glenn Roberts + Brian Ward at Charleston Wine + Food 2020

Rice is central to the agricultural history of the Low Country and will become an increasingly important crop as the world’s population deals with climate change and rising sea levels. ...


On The Rise 3: Polycrop Grains and Recipe Development with Henry Jones

We met Henry Jones two years ago at the first International Symposium on Bread in 2017. Back then, he was making a name for himself as the head baker at Butcher & Bee in Charleston, S...


The Journey of Jimmy Red Corn at Charleston Wine + Food

Host Kat Johnson continues her exploration of historic Southern ingredients and traditions at Charleston Wine + Food this year with a compelling conversation about Jimmy Red Corn. Distill...


Sean Brock, Glenn Roberts, Doc Bill Thomas, and Jerome Dixon at CHSWFF18

According to Sean Brock, the first time he smelled Sapelo Island Purple Ribbon Cane Syrup, it reminded him of truffles. Sean, along with Glenn Roberts, Stephen Kresovich, and many others,...


“On The Rise: The Future of Bread” International Symposium on Bread: Day 2

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Tacos with Alex Stupak

On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, find out when Mexican food went from crunchy shell, ground beef, and shredded cheese taco nights, to transformative tortillas made of fresh masa for ...


James Tracey & Nancy Newsom

James Tracey is cooking up delicious food at Craft and Colicchio & Sons in New York City! This week on The Main Course, host Patrick Martins sits down with James to talk about culinar...


Robert Stehling, Jason Colucci & Steve Jenkins

This week on The Main Course Patrick and Katy sat down with Robert Stehling of Hominy Grill in Charleston SC, Jason Colucci of Pulino's NYC & Steve Jenkins of Fairway Market.