Bikes, Bees and Martinis Please!

Gin fan and certified New Yorker Lacy Hawkins joins the band to gab about bees, bikes, the best way to beat the heat with a martini and the benefit of tiny boozy snacks. Oh, and gin I gue...


Bartending, Beverage Programs and Bar Education in the Wake of Covid-19

Bartenders, restaurant owners and professionals across the hospitality industry are working hard to push bar programs to the cutting edge in the wake of Covid-19. How can bar programs be ...


Adam Fournier, 2021 US Bartender of the Year, USBG Presents World Class Sponsored by Diageo

On today's episode of All in the Industry®, Shari Bayer's guest is Adam “George” Fournier, a LA-based bartender who was named the 2021 US Bartender of the Year by the United States Barten...


25 Years of Amaretto Sours

Jeff Morgenthaler, 25 year veteran of the bartending world talks with Greg and Sother about how bars have changed, how people stay the same and what it’s like to love something and clean ...


Water, Wood, And Wild Things: Life in Rural Japan

Our guest is Hannah Kirshner who is the author of “WATER, WOOD, AND WILD THINGS”, which just came out on March 23, 2021 from Viking.


Tricky Methods, Smooth Juice

Bertha González Nieves, co-founder and CEO of Tequila Casa Dragones talks about crafting a unique and inspiring tequila by doing things the hard way.


Hindsight is 2020

Damon, Greg and Sother look back on the past ten years of bartending, and a year that felt like a decade. 


Mezcal Cocktails, Cocktail Mezcal

Some mezcal geeks use the term “cocktail mezcal” as an insult. But we know you love cocktails! So let’s talk about why those geeks are wrong and how to make a righteous mezcal that can be...


Dale DeGroff, AKA King Cocktail

On today's episode of All in the Industry®, Shari Bayer is joined by Dale DeGroff, AKA King Cocktail, who is credited with reviving bartending as a profession and setting off a cocktail e...


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