Making Bitter Ends Meet

Patrick Miller of Faccia Brutto sits down with Greg and Sother to talk about tasting, experimenting, and what it takes to move your bitters-making operation out of your kitchen.


Sold by the drop

Greg Robles co-founded @thebitterqueens , a small-production, San Francisco based bitters business raising the bar through the creation of unique, handcrafted bitters and cocktail accoutr...


St. Agrestis, amazing Bitters and Amaro

Louis Catizone is the man leading a veritable revolustion in Bitters and Amaro right here in Brooklyn. With a pre-bottled ready to drink Negroni, a ready to drink spritz, their signature ...


Christa Cotton at Slow Food Nations

Christa Cotton is the owner of El Guapo Bitters in New Orleans. She stopped by the HRN tent at Slow Food Nations with her dog, Winston, to talk about the history of El Guapo and share how...


Good Food Mercantile BK Summer 2018

Kat Johnson and Liza Hamm sat down with participants of the Good Food Mercantile that took place at the Brooklyn Expo Center on Friday, June 29th. From Vermont cheese and New Orleans bitt...


Love and Bitters and Juice

Sother Teague of the venerable Manhattan bitters bar Amor Y Amargo joins us in the studio today to talk all things bitters, cocktails, the changing of the Zucca recipe, and more!


Distillery Cats

On today's episode of THE FOOD SEEN, Brad Thomas Parsons is best known as a cocktail scribe, penning such modern clas


Amaro and Wine with Piora's Wine Director Victoria James

Piora Wine Director Victoria James has worked in restaurants since she was just thirteen. While bartending during college, she took her first wine course and was instantly hooked.


World Class Bartender Tyson Buhler of Death & Co

This week on The Speakeasy, host Damon Boelte is joined in the studio by Tyson Buhler, head bartender for Death & Co, one of the most important, influential, and oft-imitated bars to ...