Jeff and Colleen of Haberdish

Located two miles north of Uptown Charlotte, Haberdish’s chef Jeff and badass lady-mixologist Colleen dish on their famed fried chicken, the medicinal benefits of farm-apothecary cocktail...


Lou Bank of S.A.C.R.E.D. Agave

Agave-crazed Lou Bank, of S.A.C.R.E.D. Agave, preaches the mezcal gospel: stop drinking mezcal in cocktails; start drinking it straight. Discovering a gluten intolerance drove Lou to seek...


Bob Peters of the Punch Room

Bob Peters, the mastermind behind Ritz Carlton’s Punch Room bar in Charlotte, North Carolina, sits down with Caity and Kat to talk mixology and gardening.


Stephen Schmitt of WP Kitchen & Bar

What would Wolfgang do? Chef Stephen Schmitt’s motto merges his culinary training with his commitment to hometown, Charlotte.


Blake Hartwick of Bonterra Dining & Wine Room

Considering the inspired plates leaving Chef Blake Hartwick’s kitchen, it’s only fitting Bonterra Dining & Wine Room is housed in what used to be a Methodist Church.


Chris Coleman of Stoke

Chef Chris Coleman’s respect and love for hometown Charlotte is clear when perusing Stoke’s locally-focused menu.


International Symposium on Bread Preview with Peter Reinhart

[audio mp3="https://heritageradionetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Peter-Reinhart-clip.mp3"][/audio] In this excerpt from HRN Happy Hour, Caity & Kat talk to Peter Reinhart about...


Bread Bakin' and Wedding Cakin'

This week on HRN Happy Hour, Kat & Caity are joined in-studio by Jordan Werner and Cynthia Malaran (AKA Reverend DJ Cherish the Luv).


Laura Maniec of Corkbuzz

Laura Maniec is proprietor of Corkbuzz in NYC and Charlotte, NC. She is a Master Sommelier and a true Champagne evangelist.