Chicken Politics

This episode is part of a special series in collaboration with Gastronomica: The Journal for Food Studies, hosted by Gastronomica editorial collective member Melissa Fuster.


Johnny Lee (Pearl River Deli) & Raised on TV (Live)

We sat down with the legendary LA Hainan Chicken Whisperer, Johnny Lee, to talk about his restaurant, Pearl River Deli. We discuss growing up in East LA, his perspective on cooking Chines...


Monocles and Board Rooms

On today's episode of Wagering Issues, Dave, Nastassia and 1/2 of The Rest are all over the place. Want to know how to impart big pear flavor in cocktails? We've got that. Want to apply t...


Ashes to Microplastics

On this week's Trafficking Issues, Dave and Nastassia have been abandoned by Jean, who is on jury duty.


The Mezcal with the Chicken — Pechuga!

Maybe you’ve heard stories of a weird mezcal that is made with chicken. Maybe you’ve heard that it’s tied to celebratory rituals. Maybe you’ve heard that it’s precious and rare. Maybe all...


The Wine was Drank and the Garlic was Peeled (feat. The Hammer Quartet)

On today's episode of Trans-Continental Issues, Dave, Nastassia and The Rest are joined by The Hammer Quartet (Stass, Aaron Polsky, Pat Posey and Jackie Molecules) who bang


A Look Back at Season One

In case you missed this limited series all about what the American Humane certified label really means, you can find all six episodes wherever you listen to podcasts. Plus we're sharing a...


American Humane Certified: The Science Behind it

The American Humane Certified label is familiar to many consumers. The program was established in 2000 and is now applied to 15-20,000 American farms and ranches every year. Before that s...


A View From Inside the Barn

What do American Humane Certified standards look like in action at an actual broiler farm?


The Art of Yakitori

Our guest is Atsushi Kono who is the chef de cuisine at Chikarashi Isso in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan.