What’s Next for American Craft Cider?

For our season finale we’re focusing our attention on what the future holds for cider. We’ll dive into co-ferments, collaborations, and cider culture abroad.


Storytelling and Selling

In this episode we visited our favorite bars, wine shops, and cider festivals to explore the many ways the industry is reaching out to curious drinkers.


Foraging a New Path

This week on Hard Core, trek through orchards with us to deepen your knowledge of the impact that farming practices, tourism, policy, and collaboration can have on farms and cidermakers. ...


Where the Lab Meets the Orchard

In this episode, we’re looking at the science behind cider making and apple growing. We start with a chemistry lesson on fermentation and assess how microscopic organisms affect cider’s t...


The Scion Awards & Choosing Orchard-to-Glass Cider This Thanksgiving

In this Cider Week NYC bonus episode, Jimmy hosts Eleanor Leger of Eden Cider; Dan Wilson of Slyboro Cider House and Hick’s Ochard; and Cathryn Gaylord, a farm apprentice at Eve’


Cider and Land

In celebration of New York City's Cider Week, Jimmy talks to Melissa Madden of Good Life Farm; Rachel Freier of New York Cider Weeks; Maria Kennedy who writes the blog


Taste of Place

In this episode, you will be transported to the Finger Lakes region of New York State to hear from many of the makers leading America’s cider revival. We’ll try to answer the question: Ca...


A Very American History of Cider

Cider has been a part of American history since the first colonists hit our shores. But while apples took root on this newly claimed continent, so did the slave trade.


The Old Adventures of the Newtown Pippin

The Old Adventures of the Newtown Pippin: Exploring History, Terroir, and Biodiversity through Cider