Weekly Picks: Building Equity Across the Food System

Organizers, executives, chefs, and restaurant owners come together across HRN’s network this week to discuss issues of fairness - from workers’ rights to representative CPG brands.  ...


Summer Guide: Dinner Parties, To-Go Cocktails, and Local Ag

Pandemic restrictions are easing and things are changing quickly. We can eat indoors at restaurants again and host dinner parties. It’s exciting to go back to some of our favorite activit...


Refugee Chefs: Empowering and Educating Through Food

In this episode, we meet refugee chefs who now call the United States their home. In Milwaukee, Tables Across Borders brings the community together through food with a variety of events t...


Community Pantries, Fridges and Ovens: Helping Feed Communities Through Mutual Aid in the Midwest

In this episode, we explore how community fridges, pantries and even ovens are helping address food insecurity across the Midwest. These concepts have popped up in larger cities on the co...


Hetty McKinnon: To Asia with Love

Join us for a conversation with Hetty McKinnon, author of the new cookbook, To Asia with Love.


What Do Communities Gain When Restaurants Reopen?

As the United States rolls back pandemic era restrictions, many restaurants are welcoming eaters back and expanding their seating capacity. After more than a year of isolation, reopenings...


How Do You Produce Successful Virtual Events?

The global pandemic has restricted and eliminated the in-person experiences the hospitality industry relies upon to survive. Many are turning to virtual events as a way to continue to eng...


Fall in Love With Oaxaca

On this episode, Aarón and Zarela welcome Bricia Lopez for a love letter to the food and culture of Oaxaca. Bricia and her siblings run Guelaguetza, the restaurant her father started 27 y...


The Pay-What-You-Can Cafe Revolution

In this episode, we meet some pioneers of the “pay what you can” café movement throughout the Midwest. In South Dakota, we visit Fork Real Community Café, where local lawyers dine along s...


Crowd-Funded and Community-Minded with Daughter

One of the messages we keep hearing this season over and over is how the hospitality community came together to support one another. There are countless individuals and organizations that...